Wednesday, 25 May 2011

size it a size?

Every female looks at celebrities and models and want their figure as it is seen as the most idolized!! but is it really??
EVERY image you see in the magazines has been airbrushed to make every model and celebrity look flawless, this includes reducing stomach bulges, bingo wings, spots, cellulite etc and yes they are real people they don't wake up in the morning looking like that they probably look worse then us in the morning due to busy schedule's and the amount of make up piled on their faces and hairspray used their skin and hair is in such bad condition!!
alot of people diet to get a boyfriend or to get noticed but your more likely to get noticed for being you and trust me men find it disgusting seeing a womans ribs or hip bones!
i know i've looked at magazines and been breath-taken by how stunning some women look and how perfect they are but its all FAKE!!
here are perfect examples of post production

Britney spears wanted her images to be shown in their true form and here you can see her waist arms and legs have been made smaller, her skin tone evened out and her hair made blonder.
Cameron Diaz has had her skin tone evened, hair made blonder, and because she is a sporty person she has a slender figure but they have removed her stomach muscle line.
With Jessica alba every one thinks of her as a sex symbol because she is small but if you see in this photo she has been made smaller. her legs waist and arms have been made smaller and her lips have been made redder.
Keira Knightley has had major post production in this ad for her film King Arther. she has been made to look more tanned and her boobs have gone up a few cup sizes!

By these you can see everyone is all the same but celebrities are made to look fabulous because they are our role models and trend setters. just like normal people they work to get slender figures but those who cant be bothered to hit the gym get airbrushed to look smaller. its not a good look and isn't normal. Models however starve them selves to be small but alot have died from anorexia at such a young age and that isn't healthy. so when you next look at your role model on the front of your favorite magazine just remember that they don't look like that and you would look as twice as good if your were airbrushed!!

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