Monday, 27 June 2011

dusty chains

Just WOW..


had a very busy weekend so havent had time to blog! i went to a wedding on saturday which was amazing!! and yesterday i went to see Glee live at the o2 arena and it was AMAZING even if i was sitting at the back!!
but i did get some bad news today! i have to redo my second year because i swear my tutor has it in for me and just fails me for fun! i worked my ass off this year!! anyways here is a song for my tutor and other people who have doubted me!!

Thursday, 23 June 2011


just cleaning out my laptop and saw this! its something my dad sent me and its actually hilarious!!!!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

barry m

i like Barry M nail varnish if u cant see from this picture :)


this is my casual look of the day! this top is new and its from H&M. im also wearing my Tiffanys necklace which i got for my 21st and of course i LOVE it


I LOVE THIS! i think im just attracted to leopard print but i love love love maxi skirts. they are great teamed with tshirts and bralets. this image just shows amazing style

Monday, 20 June 2011

oink oink!

i love these sweets! too cute to eat but to tasty not to eat!

baby blue

look of the day from is.....

so so cute!! i love whole outfit!! nothing you can fault!!

these heels are hiiiigh

so today im not doing much so im posting a look for when i created my magazine!

I LOVE his blazer i wear it alot and it goes with everything!! the bandu bra was brought for nights out but i havent worn it yet except for here! and these jeans are deffo my fav!! there so comfy and ive had them for ages!! the heels were brought on ebay but i dont think id wear them again! if anyone is interested in buying them let me know! they will be £30!
Blazer - Topshop
Bra - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Rebel Heart

Sunday, 19 June 2011

fashion food

my sister has just come back from her 6 week trip from paris! she has unhealthy obsession with macaroons and i never got why! she brought some back and im not gonna lie there pretty awesome!! so today its my fashion food of the day!!


been away at my lovely boyfriends house this weekend so havent been blogging because my ipad wont let me upload photos that well!! but i went to ascot and had a few amazing days! unfortunately no pictures as ive somehow lost the memory card :/ is fathers day!!! Happy Fathers day Dad!!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Look of the day..

This is my look of the day!! I love the dress and it's just amazing. I love the vintage feel to it! Sorry my blog has been quiet this weekend I'm away and only have my iPad!! Will post lists of images on Monday when im back!!

Thursday, 16 June 2011


fashionable food of the day isssss......... THE CUPCAKE!
yummy and pretty


My look for the day is my leather jacket, i got it in Camden a few years ago and i love it, grey baggy tank top from topshop, its good for when im having a fat day, and my new white sol cal shorts from republic! biggest mistake today was wearing shorts as it poured down with rain but i have stitches in my knee and cant wear tight clothes and i have to bandages left so i kinda HAD to wear shorts :)


Made these last night when i was bored!! hope you like them!!!

look of the day

This is my look of the day from I chose this because i have a thing for leopard print shoes they actually go with everything! this reminds me to buy a new pair my current ones are ruined from excessive wear!! also how cute is this dress? i love lace and it goes so well when its used to make babydoll dresses and this shows it! also this girl is wearing alot of jewellery which is a hit in my books. I always wear jewellery, it completes any outfit!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

the saturdays

I love these girls!!

fashion food

i probably shouldn't be blogging about food when i blog about fashion because half the people into fashion are a size 0 or less but i love my food so i'm going to have a fashion food of the day!! today i had a ginger bread man because i actually love them! there tasty and nice to look at! they might not be good for you but i don't care!!

new idea

thought id start blogging about my style, ill post about where i got it and why i chose it! also im going to go on and pick my favourite style on there for the day!!

Today im wearing a denim top with blck leggings and a head band! top and leggings both from topshop and the headband is from H&M!

my favorite look from would have to be this,
i love the rock chick look and i love this look! its dark but very stylish! i love the red shorts and the stud bag!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Very stylish..

so on facebook have created this competition to find a style adviser for a year and the winner gets this amazing opportunity along with the opportunity to design a collection for the site but also a salary of 50k for the year! the second i saw this advertised i wanted to be a winner! i might no win but its worth the votes! so if you can please please vote for me!!

more ink.....

This is one of my recent tattoos! it was done in october 2010. it cost alot of money and it wasnt a good job on a tattoo so im having it redone at the end of the summer! i love body art its such a good way to express your feelings or to show people what you love! i want alot more ink but only being 21 and already having 2 tattoos i think i should wait a while before i get more! i do like designing them tho! here are a few designs ive done for friends and some just for fun! i have a lot more designs but i dont want to clog up my page! i do take requests tho so if anyone wants a tattoo uniquely designed im here!

Jessie J

I LOVE this woman!! her style is so quirky and i love her music videos! makes me want to work on the set of a video styling the star! her style is so different it makes her unique, sometimes im not a fan but i love her body suits she wears and her hair style makes such a massive statement. she is an icon for the quirky!

Monday, 6 June 2011


Lady Gaga is seen as one of the most iconic women of this century! i love her! she has had some weird moments, such as the meat dress, but she is also an amazing style icon!! her new look for her new album born this way is unique. she has weird facial features added to her face but her look and style is amazing and inspirational. I love Lady Gaga and everything she stands for.