Tuesday, 31 May 2011


the denim neck piece and the high waist skirt i created when i was doing my art foundation at farnham and i think they are some of the best pieces i have created. we only had a week to create the denim piece so i had to staple it together but i would love to recreate a few more in different materials and different shapes. the brief was to create something futuristic, that shape i got was half a model and half a planet which i traced and then transfered to the fabric and i think its a great out come.
with the skirt i used curtain fabric and used embroidery to create a bolder pattern and used netting at the back. with the shoes i brought £10 from primark and covered them in glitter and sequins which everyone loved and i reckon were pretty awesome.
with the mask it was one of my first projects at AUCB and we were only allowed to use paper. i think it went really well and i loved the outcome i created.

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