Tuesday, 31 May 2011

ideal job

is there such a thing??
everyone has there perfect job role in mind that will set them up for life and give them a successful career, but alot of people work from 9 till 5 stuck in some dingy office.
i know my ideal job would be a celebrity stylist. i don't care if i'm famous but i would like to work with the famous! why? because you get alot of money and alot of friends and contacts. this would be a dream world, and i say dream world because it is just a dream.
no one believes in me enough to help me pursue ideas and career options or even help me out with simple uni projects which i find hard, but only because i cant do what i want to do and i hate rules! who doesn't?? but their there to be broken right?
i usually just do my own thing but people who employ you don't like that you have to obey the rules and listen to the big boss, thats why i think working for me is my ideal job! i can do my own thing and work at my own pace without being yelled at or criticized all the time which is a bit of a put down.

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