Sunday, 17 July 2011

weekends fly by!!

just to post on my weekend happenings!!
I went out on Thursday night (yes I know this isn't a weekend but because I don't have a job and am a professional bum this is when my weekend starts) and I wore my new white dress! its £20 from Asos if anyone is wondering! I'm pictured with my younger sister who I go out with alot! the other picture was last night (Saturday) I went out in Beaconsfield with my boyfriend, my sister, her boyfriend and some other mates! was an amazing night (would of been better if drinks weren't so expensive) but I wore my new one shoulder playsuit with a bird detail! its from new look if anyone is wondering about this one too!!
anyways time for me to sleep as I'm out tomorrow night too :D
night beautiful people xx


  1. i love the one shoulder playsuit - looks great on you!

  2. i love your outfits! tis a shame when drinks are too expensive, eh?

  3. thanks guys! yeah but when drinks are cheap you buy too many and dont feel so bright the next day! like i feel now!