Sunday, 10 July 2011


I'm not gay (and can i say i have nothing against gays, i have alot of gay friends) but i LOVE women! i just like to look at there faces. and can i say Jessica Lowndes is STUNNING! alot of the 90210 cast are extremely pretty, i wish you can change your face because im not a fan of me and would much prefer to look like a hollywood starlet, and have a body like one, but i cant commit to the gym of healthy foods, dont get me wrong i love a good veggie now and again but cupcakes and fast food are my calling, hence why i dont look good like the celebs! anyways ramble over....


  1. she is gorgeous I agree, and the whole cast of 90210 are so skinny! x

  2. she is gorgeous !! and i'm sure you are gorgeous in your own way too :)

    i love cupcakeees <3 they are amazinggggg